venture building

The world needs new ideas. We can generate them together with you, your customers, and our network. However, ideas are nothing worth without realization. This is why we create digital products or services from those ideas for our clients and assist them to go from zero to one and more. Here is an overview of what we offer:

– ideation by focusing on problem-solution-fit
– qualitative interviews
– mvp building
– product, service and business model innovation consulting
– pitch-deck creation
– open innovation

innovation management

what people say

I worked with Berkant on a project to rapidly build up a venture pitch in a short time frame and with a limited brief. Berkant was very responsive and was able to build a tangible outcome in the short collaboration we had that we could directly use for our end client

Gustav Wakéus
Head of MENA at Founderslane


notion can be the space, where you and your team members can manage projects, processes, documentation, CRMs, CMS, todos and even digital products to run an entire company. you can integrate notion with 5000+ other apps. think of it like a modern SAP system for SMEs including your internal ai to become your company’s second brain.

we assist you to create the right notion environment for you as a service. request a call and let us show you how.