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masterclass multicultural changemakers by berkant bostan and faissal sharif


disruption in times of ai
berkant bostan

multicultural changemaking
berkant bostan

what people say

At Demo Night 2023, Berkant presented impressive insights into disruption potential with his friendly and open manner. His comments on ignored and underestimated target groups are particularly noteworthy. Berkant demonstrated in a practical way how companies can identify these target groups and optimise their services through the use of AI. His innovative approaches and in-depth analyses opened up new perspectives and provided lasting food for thought.

Daniela Khaitina-Tizniti
DBI Duisburg Business & Innovation

Berkant inspired and enlightened participants at the AI Summer Schools with his super lean and diverse approach to AI and disruptive use cases.

Lorenz Gräf


the next generation mindset lecture is given every wintersemester at the turkish-german university in istanbul. inspired by the next generation mindset startup community and our existing lecture, computer science students learn how to innovate as entrepreneurs.

what students shared
It is indeed the coolest class I have ever joined and I believe this is the first time any student has this opportunity in Turkey! I am so happy to have it at our university. We need classes like “Next Generation Mindset” more.

It was a great experience.

the modules digital innovation and digital entrepreneurship show students how to realize innovation and how to innovate continuously by teaching them fundamentals of innovation and entrepreneurship besides no-code tools they can apply to prototype rapidly.

what students shared
I have appreciated Mr. Bostan very much in the past.
His commitment to the lesson and the subject constantly keeps us fresh. I come to every class with great curiosity and interest.

For me personally, one of the top 3 lecturers I have had in my academic career so far.

the future start-up founders program aims to empower participants to bring their tech start-up from a venture to life. The program covers key principles for innovation, such as identifying market opportunities, developing a minimum viable product (MVP), and securing funding from investors.

what a student shared
Berkant is an exceptional entrepreneur and this is evident with his ability to convey complex ideas into actionable steps that spark growth. He also shared his skills and upskilled the group with technical skills to build an MVP. I would highly recommend Berkant to businesses of all stages and founders are better equipped for to tackle the now and the future with him by their side.

in the digital business and startups module students were empowered to understand and build digital business models and to create pitch decks including digital mockups.

what students shared
Having an interesting subject and a charismatic personality who was lecturing with passion was the main reason that I enjoyed your classes. Good luck with more success.

It was great being taught by you.

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